Year end update

Merry Christmas, and Thank YOU!!

I’m grateful for the role each of you have played in my life. So, as a Christmas update I’ve pulled together a brief list of what’s been going on over here. I like to think of it as a tribute to you, because you’ve each poured into me. Ya’ll rock!

My kids book, Squire and Daniel: A Book About Losing Your Best Friend was picked up by a publisher, who put it into bookstores nation-wide and got me a radio interview! They also are trying to get me comfortable with saying, “PLEASE BUY THIS AWESOME BOOK!” It could be a great gift, especially for Christmas without a loved one :( Here’s the link to the book on sale: Buy Now

THANK YOU. Oh and, here’s the radio interview:

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 1.39.39 PM

The book of miracles that I recorded in Ethiopia with my dad is Signs of a New Kingdom. Thanks to those who have passed it on to their friends and invited me to speak about my experience! Expect a sequel this year about miracles in the USA!
See the interviews and checkout the book here!
I’ve been doing freelance illustration, animation, and product design for work, and have gotten to do some pretty fun projects, like kids books and music videos.
Check ’em all out here:
Expect another music video for a band you might recognize coming out around new years!
BLOG-HEADER-2-20-15I started Seminary this fall which has pushed me to come up with creative answers to a lot of tough faith questions, which was the reason I started. Checkout these top blogs from this year.

Couple other little Illustrated Books I put out this year.
+Pick(Me)-up Lines for Nice People
+The Overcommitted Person’s Handbook (done in partnership with my friend, Woodrow Giles.)

Interviews of homeless friends! These folks have amazing stories.
Here are some of the top links!
+Let and Jeremiah


Art on clothes and iPhone casesand stuff. If you want something with my art on it, you can probably find it here :)


If you’d like to get an update each week with new blogs and news, comment and let me know! Or email me! . Thanks!

Much love to all ya’ll!!

-Ross Boone / Raw Spoon (pen name)