Wrath and withdrawl

My liberal side likes to un-assign the quality of wrath from God. But I grew up believing that God was also a god to be feared because wrath would come if we didn’t choose Him.

Recently I thought I had found a way for them both to be true- that God isn’t a god of wrath, but wrath will come. I was pretty excited because I thought I saw evidence that for those who didn’t choose God, he just eventually withdrew his mercy and let the fallen creatures consume their own. He withdraws his hand for those who do not want him and lets violent beasts do their thing Let the corruption of selfish humans be their own downfall. That really sat a lot easier in me.

But the more I read, it really does look like God, or at least God by commanding the creatures in his army, reap God’s wrath.

I really dislike that. I want God to be kind through and through. But maybe that is a product of our softy, sensitive culture.

But I don’t think we should be too surprised about this. Other religions have gods of destruction. Hindus and the ancient Egyptian gods and greek gods. And the yin of death to the yang of life is present in Buddhism.

I just don’t think we as modern Americans think like the rest of the world has for every century until this one. And maybe it’s egotistical to think that we are the right one. We may be the most advanced scientifically and technologically, but perhaps we have written over the reality of certain ancient truths that have existed since humanity started.

So what’s the takeaway? I think maybe, again, I need to remember that God is God, and He will do what He chooses. And his ways are way above my ways.

And I’ll just try my best to be loyal to him and his requests of me.

humbly, Raw Spoon. 3-11-16

2 Responses to Wrath and withdrawl

  1. rollingk says:

    Your raw real honest thoughts and opinions make it hard to object to what you share. It’s your feelings. That’s what I love about your writing!! You’re so unpretentious – I’m grateful for you as a writer and a person. Even though we haven’t met you encourage me 1. That honesty and raw people and writing is out there and is beautiful to read 2. To be bold in how I write too! 3. To not assume where people are coming from or that their first words are their whole words.

    I think I struggle with the idea of a God that allows bad to exist and a God that would pour wrath and punishment on people too – but not so much that I can’t acknowledge it.

    It almost scared me more that I could live in a world where people do horrendous things to each other and they never have to experience it themselves. That there would never be judgment on them. That they could do as they please and walk away Scottfree.

    So when the bible says “don’t repay – it’s my job and I will repay” I get a little peace that no one escapes with doing bad. That God will avenge.

    Actually … The thought Ttat God will forgive and take away their sins – that He himself bore their punishment himself makes me more angry than the thought of Him avenging!

    That innocent little kids could be raped by their own fathers – even abused and die at people’s hands and then Jesus would take that punishment Himself and then forgive them and give them eternal pleasures at His right hand makes my stomach twist –

    And then I realize I am Jonah.

    And I agree that part of how Gods wrath falls is that He removes himself – but I also have to realize that our limited window of How God thinks and acts is so subjective to our gaze and our minds and perceptions….

    And I realize I cannot elevate myself over God in judgement – cause who am I???
    And my little Jonah heart needs mercy too!!!!
    I’m not exempt from the evil ones I loath.
    I am also a murderer in my heart…..

    Here’s my raw throughts! And thanks for sharing!!!

    • raw spoon says:

      These thoughts are so good RollingK!!! :) i’m about to put out a blog about how wrath and suffering cancel each other out and we blame God for what is our fault. He probably thinks THAT is unfair. Here’s a quote from it. … I’ll see if i can paste it here: “We ask why is there so much suffering. And an answer is because we, with our free will, which is a beautiful gift in itself, have chosen to use all the other very good things in this world that God gave us for our selfish means. And then we blame him for not fixing all the ugliness other selfish humans have brought to it, and his solution is to wipe out many of the ones who are ruining it. And then we blame him for killing whole groups of people, and being too violent.”