Women’s march, traditional roles

Millions of women marched this weekend.

So it shows there’s this huge presence pushing for women’s equality. And I think the basic tenets of feminism are great because of course women are of equal value. But it got me thinking of my role as a man and the role of men currently in leadership.

I don’t think men have done anything wrong for leading. And if you read the Bible in one way, each gender has been given a different roll to play in this big earthly theater. I could see that making sense in a way. I mean a play, for example, can turn out pretty well when all people fill roles they’ve been given (When all the actors just want to show a beautiful story to the world).

I don’t know yet how I interpret the Bible regarding gender roles. But I started thinking that if there is some reason for traditional gender roles in the Bible, why has there been such a backlash? If men are just filling the roles as leaders that have been set out before them, what went wrong?

And I think it might be this. We men have not led as servants. There shouldn’t be a need to upheave a functioning system if people in power are using their role to empower and honor the ones they lead. I think we’ve neglected what the Bible requires of a leader. It says leaders should give up their own desires so they can help the ones they lead.

So, while brilliant, justice-minded feminists should push the glass ceiling and make sure equality is understood and enacted, and I support that, I realized I am also positioned in a different role.

If I lead, I must lead as a servant, sacrificing my comfort for the betterment of those who I lead. And if a man happens to be in leadership over women that may look like making certain they evaluate them for their skills (not their body) and paying the same salary as to a man. Woah, what if, as a servant-leader, it meant you might even pay your employees more than yourself!

If any of my male friends are in leadership, in my humble opinion, I don’t think you need to surrender your role to a woman… unless they sacrifice for the ones they serve better than you.

I don’t want to speak for God, but I surmise that a servant’s heart, not a gender, is the more important characteristic of a leader.

Raw Spoon, 1-24-17

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  1. I like that, leadership with a servants heart, edification. Sounds like Christ loving the church enough to lay down his life for her. This could be the makings of a perfect world. It is definetly the recipe for a good godly husband! Thanks for sharing, I pray there are more leaders such as yourself😊

    • raw spoon says:

      Thank you, Ashley!! thank you so much for reading. It’s hard to put something out there that is right on the border of a really debated issue and not have people get sucked into the gender roles debate or politics. So, thank you for recognizing what I was trying to do! God bless you, sister!

  2. rollingk says:

    This line I think IS key: “I don’t want to speak for God, but I surmise that a servant’s heart, not a gender, is the more important characteristic of a leader.”

    Great thoughts!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Eloquent, humble, thoughtful, and compassionate. You take responsibility for your choices and beliefs and it is beautiful

    • raw spoon says:

      Thank you, anonymous. I needed that. You should have seen the heated feelings on facebook. Maybe you did. Good people hoping for good thins, but it makes me sad when it feels like people don’t respect and understand each other. I’m trying to get another blog finished about that right now… God bless you for your kind words.

  4. Mary Joanna Pan says:

    Yes, I agree. Thanks for the post!