Why suffering?

How would it change the way we live if we considered Earth to be the short training that helps prepare us for an eternal heaven? Training is meant to be hard. Just like in lifting weights or running the mile, the harder it hurts, the more prepared you are for the big event.

Would we consider suffering a good gift instead of a reason to rebel against our trainer?

If you think about it, why would God put us on a hard earth for a short time if we were meant to end up in a perfect heaven anyway? Maybe it is because there are a few things we need training in that we can’t exercise in a perfect heaven.

Things like faith (how could we gain faith where their is no doubt) and sacrificial love (why would we need to sacrifice in a place where there was abundance of everything we need?). Things like patience, and hope, and endurance would never be seen or worked in a place where all beautiful things come easily.

Raw Spoon, 4-7-17