They pay for forgiveness

A friend told me today that he thinks Christianity is a sham because his father was a Christian. You see, my friend’s dad left the family and took their money, but then said it was ok, because God forgives him.

It was then that I realized who pays the price for what he was forgiven.

His family. Rejecting their heavenly father, maybe forever, because their earth dad was so flippant with his forgiveness.

I wonder if he’d still take his forgiveness so lightly if he knew that.

And then I am suddenly scared of who is quietly paying a price for my lust-driven eyes, my slightly biting comments, and my subtle disregard for unimportant people around me. Those things that I think are minuscule because they will be forgiven.

Probably everyone around me believes a little less when they see that.

I’m really sorry to those of you who have paid the price for a Christian who said they were forgiven. Can you please tell us so that we might change?

July 24, 2013

2 Responses to They pay for forgiveness

  1. Rednets says:

    Thought provoking. I just concluded I’m one of the lucky ones. The only memoriesthat came to mind when pondering your question were of one high school friend reaching down into my uncoolness to help me know Jesus, which was a sacrifice for him. And a woman who laid down her life and risked everything, at great cost to her, to literally save mine. Because her Jesus wanted her to and made her want to sacrifice so much to save my life. I guess it works both ways with Christians we meet along the way. Thanks for making me grateful.