The heart behind homosexuality

Certain denominations prohibit drinking, dancing and practicing homosexuality.

But maybe by making it policy the denominations have ruled it out for it’s new converts before he or she had the chance to put their heart behind doing so themselves.

I wonder if we should have grace for all people exactly where they’re at, until they get to know God’s heart, and see their own heart behind each thing they do.

And then, if they find desires that are impure or un-surrendered, let them offer them as a personal sacrifice from their heart, in their time, as a gift and a discipline to please and honor their personal God.

These are some untraditional ideas here. Your thoughts?

5 Responses to The heart behind homosexuality

  1. Peter says:

    I think I see your direction and your heart in this piece. However, putting drinking, dancing, and homosexuality in the same category is quite a misnomer. Yes, there are problems with denominations reaching far beyond what the Biblical text would allow. However, in all cases, the standard should be what God speaks to us through the Bible. If this is the case, the Bible does not prohibit drinking (although it prohibits drunkenness) and it does not prohibit dancing. These are rigid moral excesses that legalists put upon the backs of others. However, the Bible does not equivocate on homosexuality, it says the practice (not the desire, but the practice) is sin. Now, the Biblical church is one that gladly accepts sinners (including those who practice homosexual behavior) and leads them to Jesus. “Having grace” for people does not mean turning a blind eye to sinful behavior. It means leading them to the gospel of grace. People are not going to recognize their need for grace, until they are convicted of their sin. It is the responsibility of the individuals who comprise the Church to enter into a loving relationship with the unsaved, and to lovingly reveal to them what the God of the universe, who so desires fellowship with that person, gave that He might have it, and what that person, in turn must do to accept that precious gift (repentance and belief).

    Thanks for your article!

  2. Ryan says:

    Legalism is the biggest danger in the church, in my humble opinion. It inspires bigotry, segregation, and ways that are not of God’s heart. People think they are supposed to judge the actions of those around them. Is that actually our role, to be the judge of our neighbor?

    That’s not the calling from my God.

  3. Brooke O says:

    Hey Ross, I stumbled across your site through ye olde facebook! I think in the past few years, I have learned what the gospel is by a process of elimination…what the gospel is not (i.e. ‘you’re saved if you become like me’ being one of the big ones). I agree with Peter about not lumping homosexual behavior in with drinking and dancing but what I do think these things have in common is that they are not the main thing. Jesus is.

    PS I keep seeing you around trinity these past few weeks but haven’t gotten a chance to say hello!

    • raw spoon says:

      Thanks so much for checking my stuff out, Brooke! I really appreciate the comment too.
      I agree with you, I think! What I think I was trying to say was that it is important for a person to personally believe God wants them to stop a behavior before they just do it because the church tells them to.
      And yes, Jesus is the point of it all. It all comes back to trusting and obeying him!
      Looking forward to running into you at Trinity for sure, Brooke!