Squire and Daniel

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Squire and Daniel is a book about losing your best friend, told through the antics of two playful donkeys. This can help children in your life deal with grief.

You can BUY THE PAPERBACK for $2 cheaper at the publisher‘s page (plus we earn much more money that way). :)
Or if you’re more comfortable with Amazon, you can buy it here: here.
Or the interactive iPad app here, on TapStory
And the ebook here!

A couple of the other places it can be found are the bookstore AND library at Columbia Theological Seminary, And the Parker Library, in Colorado.

.  Squire And Daniel at Parker Library
Here are the first few pages!

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……….. Find out how it ends in the book!

BUY the paperback here.
Buy the interactive iPad app version in TapStory here.
BUY the ebook for Kindle (or the Kindle app on your iPad) here.

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This book is great to help anyone who is grieving the loss of a close friend, whether it be a spouse or simply switching schools

Here is a pic of my little step brother who did chores to raise money so he could give copies of Squire and Daniel to “Juli’s House where children who suffered the loss of a loved one can go for help.” And at the bottom it says, “my mom helped me.” I think that just shows not only do I have an AWESOME step brother named Hudson, but also and AWESOME step mom named Marla. Love you guys!  hudson-with-squire-sign

Here is a pic of kids at Kingsley Elementary School. Thank you Jason Dew for reading it at your daughter’s class! Here is Jason’s novel, Gadly Plain (which I got to illustrate!)



Another young fan!


Dedicate your reading of Squire & Daniel to someone you miss by leaving a comment for them below!

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