Signs of what is in me

It’s pretty easy to look at how I did today and evaluate whether I’m winning or losing at the game of life. I made a good impression with that influential person, or I said that stupid thing to my friend I wonder if they hate me.

But at the end of a day, or the middle of a Saturday looking out my window, as I’m doing now, I sometimes wonder what God would be saying about all that stuff. I kind of don’t think he’d be saying, yeah you scored some heavenly points here, or you bombed┬áthat thing.

I think maybe he would be saying, “All these things you have done today are symptoms of your heart. I’m not as much concerned with what you did or didn’t do, but more concerned with what they show about the health of your heart. For I want you to be whole. So let’s take a look at what you did, not to figure out rewards or punishments, but instead to see more fully the hungers of your heart. And then let’s help you trust and satisfy them better with me.”

Raw Spoon, 6-3-17