Signs of A New Kingdom


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I went to Ethiopia to record stories of miracles happening there. The book about my experience is on Amazon.

Here are the videos of the people I interviewed. See below for excerpts from the book.

Faya Feda

Abdisa Duguma

Girma Jabesa Dorsisa

Tesfaye Tesema Haylemarian

Tesfaye Gadisa Ejeta

Alayu Kebede

Ray Noah (part 1)

Ray Noah (part 2)

Linda Noah (part 1)

Linda Noah (part 2)

Here are some pictures and excerpts from it! Enjoy!Alayu-ejeta-feda

pg1ish pg14 pg16 pg25 pg28

girma-Haylamarian-duguma Lion-SMALL Raising Ox-01

Here is the fully funded Kickstarter video!