Ridiculous solutions

On Tuesday I decided that I wanted to read a chapter of the Bible every night as I fall asleep. But my iPhone charging cable wouldn’t stretch to my bed. So I…

had a decision to make.

I decided that I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I looked for other outlets and found one. But it was too far away from my bed. So I…

had a decision to make.

I chose to drag my futon over and park it by the outlet.

But upon trying to plug it in I realized the outlet was broken! So, I…

had a decision to make.

I wanted to read the Bible every night! So, I chose to go look for an extension cord. I found one. I brought it to the outlet and found…

It was a three prong cord and a two prong outlet.

So, I had a decision to make.

I chose to not let this stop me either. I finally plugged the cord into a working socket in a room across the hall, and strung it through the room, through the hall, through my bedroom and up to my bed.

One of my friends told me recently that God felt most real to him when he was hiking in the woods. But then he told me how defeated he felt because he had hurt his knee in the gym and couldn’t really Hike on it. So he…

He has a choice.

The obstacles in my iPhone charging path were ridiculous, and it’s weird to permanently run an extension cord through two and a half rooms. But in our pursuit of Christ, higher and higher hurdles will set themselves up in front of us. And at each one we have a decision to make. One option is we can say, “Oh well, we tried.” But there’s almost always another option if you want it enough.
so, we have a choice. How much do we want Him. And what will we do to follow Him.

7 Responses to Ridiculous solutions

  1. Justin says:

    Yo ross, besides the option of making CJ breakfast in exchange for him fixing that receptacle, it’s good to see your tenacity and perseverance if even in the small things…who shall despise the day of small beginnings? Love you brother, and look forward to camping out beside you again sometime…gotta get that outlet to work as I relied upon it to charge my phone, too!

  2. Sally says:

    This made me cackle RAW. Man I love you!
    Your biggest fan,

    • raw spoon says:

      Haha that’s awesome, Sally. I was pretty amused with myself too. But i just kept thinkin, “I want to be the person God has given me the potential to be!” :) Let’s be it!!! Thanks for being such a wonderful “fan” , friends, and being such a dang awesome person.

  3. Glen Sutton says:

    They still print the Bible as a book you know.