Naïve Prayers

Some days like today, sitting here on my back porch, I throw a prayer at the sky and realize how weird that is. I am so oblivious and naive to think I know how prayers work.bird-9

Why do I think my prayer to the little God in my head will find the mail box of the real, deep expansive creator of deepest time? How do I even know if the beliefs of my narrow faith are rightly aligned?! The world is so much bigger than me. And God is even bigger than that.


I look up at the green of the trees glowing in the afternoon light, with thick, dead vines winding up their trunks, and I hear the rush of cars on the street behind the house.

I pause between breaths for just a moment.

bird-grass-1And I find solace in the fact that if there is a creator, my heart is heard by him and that is enough. I’ll do my best each day to simply obey, and trust him to take care of the rest.


Raw Spoon, 6-9-15

6 Responses to Naïve Prayers

  1. Jo says:

    I have had these exact same thoughts, but not expressed quite this well. :)

    • raw spoon says:

      Good, Jo! Thanks for the affirmation!! Is there anything specifically you’d like to see me write about? Take care and thanks again!

      • Jo says:

        Thanks for the reply! I enjoy reading about people’s lives, so any time I feel I am getting to know someone through their writing, I enjoy that. I’m not sure I would have any advice on WHAT to write. Maybe just write more often? :)

        • raw spoon says:

          That’s a great request!!! There’s definitely more I want to talk about! If I can ask, how did you find my blog again? Thanks so much! And how can I support what you do? Do you have a website we could show people here?

          • Jo says:

            Gosh, I have been wracking my brain trying to remember how I came across your blog. For some reason I’m thinking Tricia Lott Williford? Either you commented or she linked to you or something? I don’t follow a lot of bloggers, so the pool of possibilities is not super high. :)

            And thanks for the offer of support, but I don’t have a blog or website. I’d link to you if I did, though.

          • raw spoon says:

            Well, that’s cool! Yeah, Tricia is so cool! She’s a good one to follow too ;)