Pick-Up Lines for Nice People

You can buy Pick-Up Lines for Nice People here: http://amzn.to/1PzLve6


Here are some of the pictures. It’s nice and pocket sized. It’s a phrase book to help nice people. . . or help people be nice.

Here are some of the pages!

spreads-layout-for-website--Pick-Up-Lines-00spreads-layout-for-website--Pick-Up-Lines-0  spreads-layout-for-website--Pick-Up-Lines-1.5 spreads-layout-for-website--Pick-Up-Lines-1 spreads-layout-for-website--Pick-Up-Lines-3spreads-layout-for-website--Pick-Up-Lines-2  spreads-layout-for-website--Pick-Up-Lines-5 spreads-layout-for-website--Pick-Up-Lines-6 spreads-layout-for-website--Pick-Up-Lines-9spreads-layout-for-website--Pick-Up-Lines-10spreads-layout-for-website--Pick-Up-Lines-11spreads-layout-for-website--Pick-Up-Lines-12spreads-layout-for-website--Pick-Up-Lines-12.5spreads-layout-for-website--Pick-Up-Lines-8spreads-layout-for-website--Pick-Up-Lines-7       spreads-layout-for-website--Pick-Up-Lines-13spreads-layout-for-website--Pick-Up-Lines-13.5

And there are like 14 more pages (45 pages total) But you have to buy the book to see them, or get into my good graces so I can give you one. Its $11 here on Amazon. Or $5 if you get it directly from me! Just reach out and ask! And share the news on social media!

Maybe you know someone who would be happy to get this book. Might be a good gift :)

Raw Spoon, 8-27-15