Keys to All Creative Crafts: Rule #11

11. (bonus rule) There are too many rules to know, but try.

If we follow all of these rules to the T, I’m afraid to say, we’re still not sure to become famous. You will make better art, I believe, but there are so many factors in what gets recognized as great art that is an art to be mastered in itself.

There are factors that mess with it all, like timing, trends, the wrong people are the only ones seeing your work, SEO searches acting weird, or maybe you’re just ahead of your time. And who knows what else has made residence in people’s minds before your art came knocking. You just can’t determine some things.

But the best we can do is keep learning the ever increasing complexity within our craft, to deliver those polished gems with the utmost excellence and mastery by answering interesting patterns with new and perfect answers, and presenting it with a compelling voice, so it will gleam and catch the eyes of people so they can see the beauty in the world and in the deepest places in their hearts in ways they never had before.

My encouragement to my younger self would be that I should be a student of the system, and of my heart and of my style, and then to strive always to do every part well.

(Sneak peek at the other rules:
1.Value: Unbury gems and polish them
2.Awareness: Don’t grow pot in your basement
3.Audience: Don’t call your girlfriend fat
4.Pure Beauty: That bird’s got bugs
5.Passion: Feed your monster
6.Focal Point: Give them a paper weight
7.Patterns and Variations: If life is a series of roads, give me some windows to look in
8.Storytelling: Give all art the guts of a joke
9.Details: Dress your art to the T, even when it’s skateboarding clothes
10.Brand: The singer has to be as cool as the song.
11.Bonus rule: Not gonna reveal this one yet, but it contains the lesson of Rule #8)