His rules make beauty

Although we reluctantly see most of God’s instructions as restricting prohibitions and rules not to break, i think from a bigger perspective he’s just asking us to make beautiful lives.

When we obey the commandments like being honest, pure, and sacrificially generous we become like the characters which beautiful movies are written about. And less like those who sit in front of the TV because it’s just comfortable and easy watching those movies.

4 Responses to His rules make beauty

  1. maryleej says:

    Love this. He is a Beautiful God, and we are made in His image. I think we too often forget that Beauty must point to Him. And what a sweet way to bring others to Him – by revealing His Beauty so they are attracted to Him in everything.

  2. Ryan says:

    Growth is never painless. Learning is never easy. God does’t call us to easy lives, but he does call us to grow and learn. Just a thought.