God’s Imperfect Instructions

I used to think of God’s instructions as ideal, universal, and unchanging. Like a book of laws. And I found ways to use them as excuses.

But I’ve started to see God’s instructions as messier than that. Maybe sometimes they are like something I’d hear a boss regretfully tell me at 4:30 on a Friday.

For example, I feel like lately God has said things like, “I know I’ve told you that I really want you to work structure and rest into your life, but today, I really need you to go out of your way and help that person move. They just really need some help.”

We may have a perfect, ideal, extra-terrestrial God, but he has chosen to reach into a very real, down to earth, gritty, and messy world. And It’s when those instructions come up that I will find out if I am listening to a Godly sounding rule, or the actual person who I call my Lord.