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Download my book “Pick(me)-Up Lines” for free! If you give it an Amazon review I’ll give you another free book. Just email me after you review it! Click on Sherman to the right.

I write and illustrate books and blogs in hopes of drawing me and my modern culture back to God. I write fiction under my pen name Raw Spoon (because it sounds like my real name), and non-fiction under my real name Ross Boone. Only my non-fiction is overtly spiritual, while the fictional has spiritual themes.


In short, Jesus and I are working things out.

Church told me cardboard things growing up, which left my belief thin and threadbare. This blog and these books are my journey of rediscovering the world and reweaving it in my own words and images; this is how imagination is rescuing my faith.

absent-landlord-book-renderingAbsent Landlord
Written and Illustrated by Raw Spoon (March 2014). Buy here.

This is a modern day tale about a motley arrangement of roommates trying to get along. It was reviewed in Paste Magazine at 8.7! It includes illustrations, a post card, a flipbook, and more random interactivity. Click to buy the paperback or download for free!



Pick-Up Lines For Nice People – Written and Illustrated by Raw Spoon (Aug 2015). Buy here.

This is a hand book to help nice people, or to help people be nice.



Overcommitted-(Cover)The Overcommitted Person’s Phrase BookWritten by B. Woodrow Giles, Illustrated by Raw Spoon (Spring 2015). Buy here.

If you find yourself way too busy, and have difficulties turning people’s invitations down, you may want to have this little book in your back pocket.


Earthenites-(Cover)The Earthenites
– Written and illustrated by Raw Spoon. Buy here.

A tale for the young at heart.

Lewster has the worst talent of all the cave-carvers. He can’t let go of things. And everyone teases him for it until a huge, mysterious creature starts punching holes in their cave and letting all the outside air in. Then he finds something worth holding onto. Roughly based on the story of Jacob wrestling the angel.

Squire and Daniel– Written and illustrated by Raw Spoon. Buy here.

A story about losing your best friend, told through the antics of two playful donkeys. Published by Armory Group Publishing Co.

Signs-(Cover)Signs of a New Kingdom:
Seeing Even Greater Things Than These. Buy here.

I went to Ethiopia and recorded 200 pages of miracles.

This project was completely funded by crowdsourcing via Kickstarter on October 30, 2014. Released to the public in August of 2015.



coverTobei and Ameni Series

This five-book series is an epic allegory, in which the oceans are flooding the earth and only one small continent is left, and the prophesied savior has not yet come.

ShaSha, the mysterious matriarch of her village commands nobody to speak to the outcast girl that recently appeared and says that she has come to save them.

ShaSha’s son, Tobay has eyes that can see people’s memories and thoughts, if he only has the courage to look at them and show them his. But he has seen Ameni and feels their only hope is to trust in her and what she says. (to be released September 2016, I hope)



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