Absent Landlord

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I usually find it difficult to connect to fictional characters, but everyone featured in this story was very relatable.
After I finished it, I wanted so much for there to be more of it to read.   -Amazon Reviewer

And if you get the print version, there’s a flipbook forward and backward. And there’s a bookmark. And a place to write a haiku. Seriously, pretty creative.   -Amazon Reviewer

“…The storyline is like none I’ve ever read before, certainly produced by a quality imagination…” -Amazon reviewer

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Here it is on the shelves at Heliotrope in Decatur, Ga!
Here’s a taste of the book: After Seth has been tricked out of his own bedroom, he tries to commit suicide by taking a whole bottle of Flintstones vitamins, and going to sleep in a bathtub. As he is falling into what he thinks will be his final sleep, he realizes he has made a big mistake. And then the morning comes:

Here’s the review by Paste-Magazine-Logo . They rated it at 8.7 out of 10.

“…a book with spiritually mature themes
. . . with purpose and surprises.”

Sold at the novelty store, Heliotrope in Decatur.

And an average of 4.5 stars out of 27 reviews on Amazon.
“Raw Spoon deftly couples the comedic foibles oftentimes associated with modern misfits with a message that transcends a world glutted with superficialities and delivers an engaging tale about how to rise from the smoldering ashes” -Jason Michael Dew

With a flip book:


and other features:

Summary: In an old house of failure-ridden misfits, status means everything. When the scrawniest and dullest of the tenants fails at the status game, he resorts to suicide. But when a bottle of Flintstone vitamins isn’t enough to kill him, he wakes up and realizes he had it all wrong; life, along with the house and his housemates are precious gifts worth fighting for.

I’ll give $1.00 of every book sold to help the homeless! Help me spread the word and the love! See pics below.

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