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I’ve done illustration/animation/writing work for:


The physical products I’ve designed found in:
thd_logo lowes_logo_pms_280 ace_hardware_logo-svg

I’ve done graphic recording through The Sketch Effect with these companies:

  • for my personal artwork, checkout this page:

Demo Reel of Illustration and Animation:Here is a sample illustrated for a client’s kids book.

Here is a quick sample of product design.


I have degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design, and am pursuing a Masters in Theology. I mostly do illustration and animation. But I also design outdoor products for multiple companies. I also write for Focus on The Family (for their young adults blog, Boundless) so I can do some writing for you too!

Illustrator/Graphic Designer

Whether its kids books, blog headers, animation, or other here is some work to reference if you are a client (see more below):illustration-styles-web

Here are two of the lecture notes given out with one of pastor Andy Stanley’s TV messages on YourMove. These flyers were each distributed to about 50,000 addresses.

Downloadable small group questions for Andy Stanley’s TV show,

Does God have a hype man? I don’t know but I thought maybe I can help promote his little event.

Here’s art for my friend Phillip’s band:

The Sketch Effect hires me to do live Graphic recording (aka visual note taking) at conferences, and other events. Let me know if you’d like your event Graphic Recorded! (303)359-4232. Check out my Instagram to see more personal live sketches including sermons.

Here I and another Sketch Effect artist recorded William Massey’s Creative Morning (Atlanta) talk on Serendipity! Such a privilege!

Here is a video I did, not with the Sketch Effect (they do high-end white board videos as well) but it uses some of the skills they have taught me. Checkout Kevin Foster if you want to teach your employees about business ethics!

Here are sketchnotes I did for Paul Sohn’s book, “Quarter-Life Calling”

Here we are recording fan’s favorite things for the Chick-fil-a booth in the fan zone at the National College Football Championship. I also got to record Chick-fil-a’s brainstorming meeting for the store experience should be for the next few years! But you’ll just have to wait and see what it is when it comes to stores near you!

Here are some are some notes I take during sermons or classes. Sometimes they just require a little touch up at the end. All of them can be found on my Instagram Page

Here is my coloring page that was selected for Color ATL Vol.1, and a portion of which is on the Atlanta BeltLine right now (by the skate park).


Album art (and video) for Wilder Adkins’ song, Side by Side!

This will show on the JUMBOTRON during Sacrament Kings games! I did the illustration, character design, scenes. Katie Hawkins did the animation on this one. Thanks for including me Katie!

Sacramento Kings + ABM 30 Second Spot from Katie Hawkins on Vimeo.

Here is my art commissioned by New York Times bestselling novelist Joshilyn Jackson for her book “The Almost Sisters“. It is mentioned in this radio article for Atlanta Public Radio (37:18) and another time in this review of her book in Atlanta Journal Constitution!

Here are some website icons for Joe Bunting and The Write Practice:


Label for mason jar full of clover honey, for promotional collateral:

honey-jar-sticker-no-clover-on-top sowing-clover-honey-in-jar

I partnered with The Sketch Effect to create the art for the banners and notebooks given out at Delta’s internal training event.


Working with the Sketch Effect we created this wall for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta!

Children’s Breaking New Ground from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta on Vimeo.

Art for the Decatur Book Festival

Map for the East Atlanta Village Urban Air Market!

Here are some renderings using only Adobe Illustrator:


City on a hill.

Called “God’s Pause”
Some fans. Aww, thanks, guys.
carrie-in-Gods-Pause-shirt laptop-cover-Gods-Pause jen-with-God's-pause

An interpretation of The Last Supper: (get prints here)

Art for collateral items. “What manatees say” (get prints here)

Book cover design for “Nilsen Prize For First Novel” winner, Anne Corbitt. See if you can find the word “Lying” hidden in the maze.

Art for best-selling author Joshilyn Jackson and her new book “Opposite of Everyone.”

For the cover of an ebook produced by “The Write Practice.” Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 11.12.44 AM

Just a polar bear on an iceberg. (get prints here)

Here are illustrated elements for Judson Jones’ cocktail blog:


Baby’s first birthday poster (to be printed 30″ tall)

“Many peoples in one direction” (get prints here)

“Topographical people”

Art for band “Vintage Trouble.” (Check these guys out; they’ve been on the Tonight Show multiple times and open for AC/DC, Bon Jovi, and the likes of those)

A cover designed for Author, Mike Dellosso (this book hit #3 in mystery on Amazon!) His other books have been picked up by Tyndale, and other publishers.

You can buy things with my artwork on it here:

Random fun duck:duck-on-paper

An illustration for



Illustrations for a novel:


Here’s giraffe on a planet, a couple of tree people, and the art for a DVD cover for Atlanta Radio Company, and a vector portrait of my musician friend, Ty Taylor.
giraffe pulling-out-of-ground-trees web-sized--Sherlock-holmesTy-Taylor--yellow-01

Coloring and republishing of kid’s book sketched a generation ago:

Backgrounds, layout, character refinement and publishing for Scout About, kid’s educational travel book about Alaska, by Lee Jarboe.web-Scout-About



birds-on-a-wire-productsThese are gift cards my friend who is a pastor had made so his congregation can give it out to the poor.




Website header and icons:

Concert poster:

Book cover (buy it on kindle here):

Character cutouts for 5k race:

Fan art for Vintage Trouble

Illustrations for a tough-mudder-type website called the Kentucky Dirty


Here is a sampler of my animation work:

Here’s an animation for singer/songwriter, Wilder Adkins


Here is a music video I made for Joshua Garmon hit single “Run Away.”

Here is the official Lyric video for Vintage Trouble’s Christmas song on social equality, “Santa Why.” It was featured in Paste magazine.

Here is a 30 second promo video for Thomas Wages men’s clothing. Check them out!

Here is a music video I did for Vintage Trouble, and a video for the city of Atlanta I made with the folks at Porter Novelli (I did some of everything except the voiceover).
And here’s a photo/video collage for South Arts. And a Logo animation for South Arts.
I created this motion graphic of a map to be part of a larger video done by Forage Films. And I worked with an Atlantan mural artist “sQuishiepuss,” inspired by his quirky, gritty little bulldog characters to make this animation! Checkout his stuff!

Product Design

I also have degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design so I can also help you with product development: idea generation, 3D modeling, and rendering.

green watering canHave you seen this watering
can? It was a great seller for
three years at Home Depot.
I’ve seen it in two TV commercials
And I designed it!

I designed outdoor products for 7 years, and retail displays for 1 year. Most of it is proprietary but here is some of my freelance product design work: Birdfeeders!


Here’s some of my fun, out-of-the-box school work.

And here is some 3D modeling. I’ve done LOTS of this. This was made in Rhino, but I’m proficient in SolidWorks, and have used others extensively as well.ryan-robot-chrome-legs


Radio Interview:

Radio interview for my kids book: Squire & Daniel:

Online Interview:

For The Cozy Corner

Blogs  I write for:

I also write a blog for creatives for


“Ross was such a pleasure to work with. He is super responsive, reliable and highly creative. Plus he did an excellent job of interpreting my vision into a graphic that flowed seamlessly with the rest of my video. I will definitely use him again!” -Laura Asherman, President of Forage Films

“Ross is an incredible illustrator, an amazing designer, and always a very positive presence in the office. We have worked on many projects professionally together and Ross always goes above and beyond my expectations with his craftsmanship and attention to detail.”     -Andrew Parker, graphic designer 

“I have worked with Ross across various projects from logo and brand identity to custom illustrations and new business creative. Ross is a collaborative team player, and can be relied upon to jump in and create great work. Ross is truly a gifted illustrator. I recommend him highly.”      -Amber Wilburn, Creative Consultant at Manhattan & Assoc.

“I met Ross at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference. I was immediately drawn in by his humility and genuineness. He’s totally transparent and approachable. He showed me some of his work and I was very impressed. He’s got talent. So when the idea for this book came up I sent out a Facebook message asking for help with the cover. Four graphic artists responded. Ross was one of those artists. I knew he’d come up with something unique because he’s a totally unique guy. Very creative. Very talented. I was thrilled he volunteered and he didn’t disappoint. He came up with a wonderful cover.”     -Mike Dellosso, author of 8 suspense novels


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  1. Cherish says:

    Your site is looking great! Congrats on getting it switched over to the new domain with a new and improved look.

  2. Trent Voorhees says:

    Hi Ross!
    Met you at Bookzilla in the Ridiculorum tent. What is the name of your little guy with the “thumb” legs? Nice site.

    • raw spoon says:

      Hi Trent! I remember you! thanks for emailing me!
      I think his name is Sherman. it’s hard to know, because he can’t talk and tell me.
      I think it’s funny because he’s not “sure” of himself at all. Not much of a Sherman.
      is your stuff online at all where i can check it out? if not, you should perfect and post it!
      later! keep in touch!

  3. Ryan Boone says:

    Thanks for helping me connect with my creator in the most unexpected ways. I like the new site!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just finished your book absent landlord. I want more! I felt so close to the characters by the end. I’m still mulling over it all to see where God will land it in my life. Thank you!

    • raw spoon says:

      Aww, thank YOU!!
      I just started editing another book i drafted last year so i hope you can read it some day too. Thank you so much, anonymous :) thank you.

  5. Julie says:

    Hi Ross,

    Just saw your quote on FB… A very thought-provoking idea. Thanks for sharing. Your website looks great. I’ll try to hop on here more often. Give me a call if you find yourself in CO!

  6. Bobbin says:

    Your website looks amazing, Ross. Has anyone told you your illustrations are a little Edward Gorey-esque? They create a deep and rich Web experience.

    • raw spoon says:

      Thanks Bobbin! You are the first! But now i recognize his stuff and i LOVE it! Thank you!
      Keep making a good story with your pops. It’s touching and beautiful. I’ll probably check in on the blog from time to time. taKe care!

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  8. JB says:

    This is great, it seems like we’ve both had a journey of rescuing our faith!

  9. Keep up the impressive work, brother Raw! I respect and appreciate your intentions! Be well! :)