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Reach out at Ross.Boone@rawspoon.com. Or call/text to (303) 359-4232. And if my work has touched  you, I’d love to hear about it and be connected with you. Facebook friend me too! That’s the best way to spread the word on new projects.

In the real world, I am Ross Boone.
If you are a reader of my fiction, I’m Raw Spoon.

 Ross-on-roof-web ross-head-shot-portraitross-boone-photo-small

I want to draw struggling Christians like myself back to God through my art and writing, and by the way I run my business.

test-spread-10My paid services include illustration (kids books, flyers, corporate, etc.), animation (music videos, whiteboard-type videos, etc.) and product design (from concepting through engineering drawings). See below for examples.

school-page(I have a B.S. in
Mechanical Engineering,
and another B.S. in
Industrial Design
(here are some of my cool school projects). And I’m working on a
Masters in Theology.

I worked a 9 to 5 designing outdoor products for about 7 years. green watering canYou can find a lot of my designs at Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, and I’m still discovering other places they ended up! but now I do mostly illustration, animation, and a little bit of product design.)



Raw-Spoon-w-monster-and-birdMy Writing: But in my free time I write and illustrate books and blogs. I was a writer for Focus on The Family’s Boundless.org (young adults blog) for a year though I personally am not ideologically constrained to all of their views. I also write for YMI.today (Our Daily Bread’s young adults blog), and FaithHappenings.org. I write fiction under my pen name Raw Spoon, and non-fiction under my real name Ross Boone. Only my non-fiction is overtly spiritual, while the fiction has spiritual themes.


Here is the radio interview Ross-on-radio
about my kids book “Squire & Daniel” published by HopSkip
books (go to 31:45):

Here’s a video/podcast interview with local (but famous!) Atlanta Artist Squishiepuss!

And here is a quick interview by the podcast “What Are You Reading.” The found me at the Decatur Book Festival!

3) Events

Speaking: I would love to come talk to you or your group (of adults or kids!) about writing, art, self-publishing, making kids books, or turning grief into something beautiful.

One-on-one: If you’d like a consult about your brand as a writer, about how to kickstart your own blogging/writing/illustration career, or you want help generating compelling ideas, I’d love to meet with you!

Booth: Watch for my booth at book fairs. And please come say hi!

Urban Air Market (East Atlanta Village) 2016
(Postcard workshop and selling books)


Decatur Book Festival 2016: (I also did much of the art for the festival this year)

dbf2016-smaller dbf2016-signing-small

Decatur Book Festival 2015:



Oh and Creative Loafing caught me in the forefront of one of their main pic for the event!


Below is shown: Book release party for Squire and Daniel put on by my publisher! (July 28, 15):
Squire and Daniel book signing, up front Book Signing- squire and daniel

Helping out with PaintLove’s events to help Foster youth do therapeutic art projects.


Decatur Book Festival 2014 (Aug 30-31):

Jessi-and-Ross-and-Andrew-at-booth1-copy Ross-and-Ty-at-Booth-Decatur-2014 with-Jason-Dew-at-booth



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