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Reach out at Ross.Boone@rawspoon.com. Or call/text to (303) 359-4232. And if my work has touched  you, I’d love to hear about it and be connected with you. Facebook friend me too!

In the real world, I am Ross Boone.
If you are a reader of my fiction, I’m Raw Spoon.

 Ross-on-roof-web ross-head-shot-portraitross-boone-photo-small


test-spread-10My paid services include illustration (kids books, flyers, corporate, etc.), animation (music videos, whiteboard-type videos, etc.) and product design (from concepting through engineering drawings). See below for examples.

school-page(I have a B.S. in
Mechanical Engineering,
and another B.S. in
Industrial Design
(here are some of my cool school projects). And I’m working on a
Masters in Theology.

I worked a 9 to 5 designing outdoor products for about 7 years. green watering canYou can find a lot of my designs at Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, and I’m still discovering other places they ended up! but now I do mostly illustration, animation, and a little bit of product design.)



Raw-Spoon-w-monster-and-birdMy Writing: But in my free time I write and illustrate books and blogs. I also write for Focus on The Family’s Boundless.org (young adults blog) thought I personally am not idealogically constrained by their views. and FaithHappenings.org) at I write fiction under my pen name Raw Spoon, and non-fiction under my real name Ross Boone. Only my non-fiction is overtly spiritual, while the fiction has spiritual themes.


Here is the radio interview Ross-on-radio
about my kids book “Squire &
Daniel” published by HopSkip
books (go to 31:45):

3) Events

Speaking: I would love to come talk to you or your group (of adults or kids!) about writing, art, self-publishing, making kids books, or turning grief into something beautiful.

One-on-one: If you’d like a consult about your brand as a writer, about how to kickstart your own blogging/writing/illustration career, or you want help generating compelling ideas, I’d love to meet with you!

Booth: Watch for my booth at book fairs. And please come say hi!

Urban Air Market (East Atlanta Village) 2016
(Postcard workshop and selling books)


Decatur Book Festival 2016: (I also did much of the art for the festival this year)

dbf2016-smaller dbf2016-signing-small

Decatur Book Festival 2015:



Oh and Creative Loafing caught me in the forefront of one of their main pic for the event!


Below is shown: Book release party for Squire and Daniel put on by my publisher! (July 28, 15):
Squire and Daniel book signing, up front Book Signing- squire and daniel

Helping out with PaintLove’s events to help Foster youth do therapeutic art projects.


Decatur Book Festival 2014 (Aug 30-31):

Jessi-and-Ross-and-Andrew-at-booth1-copy Ross-and-Ty-at-Booth-Decatur-2014 with-Jason-Dew-at-booth



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